Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Looking To Learn Mentalism? Discover How To Impress Anyone With Spectacular Mentalist Tricks!"

Dear Aspiring Mentalists and Magicians,

I just wanted to give you my honest review on this highly-talked about exclusive book, Master Mentalism. Apparently, it's been causing a stir in the magic industry because it's is about to blow the lid off on some of the most spectacular mentalist tricks you've ever seen.

Before You Buy Master Mentalism...

For those that are seriously considering buying this book, keep your money in your wallet before you read this review. You're probably wondering if it's worth it to spend some cash on this book. So don't buy it yet! I want to make sure you get the inside scoop on what I've experienced after reading this book.


First of all, I've been a fan of magic for almost 13 years. I've followed the big names like David Copperfield, Derren Brown, Criss Angel, David Blaine and other popular magicians. I've always taken an interest in the dark world of magic and mentalism just because of the fact that I am always asking myself, "How'd they do that?" So if you're like me, my curiousity always get aroused when I see a new trick or new magic book out there.

Master Mentalism - All Hype Or Just "Smoke And Mirrors"?

When I saw this book, I couldn't help but just immediately pull out my credit card to order this book. I was so excited! When I received the book, it was 229 pages of mentalism magic.

Now, I know I might get in trouble for this, but here is the "Table of Contents" for Master Mentalism (don't tell anyone about this):

  • SECTION 1: Mentalism, Mind Reading, & Psychological Illusions
  • SECTION 2: Interviews
  • SECTION 3: David Copperfield Secrets
  • SECTION 4: Levitation
  • SECTION 5: Card Tricks
  • SECTION 6: Hypnosis

Now, I have to remind you, learning how these mentalist tricks work really SPOILS the whole surprise for yourself. When you learn how to do these tricks, you have to keep these secrets to yourself. This is out of respect for many professional magicians and mentalist out there. The worst thing that can happen in a show for a magician is if the ENTIRE audience already knows how to do the trick and totally ruins the show.

My Personal Experience

So I decided to go out and test a trick in the Master Mentalism book. The one I chose was called the "Simple Shape Prediction" (it's the first trick you should learn). The idea is that you have a board or paper with shapes on it and that you have someone choose a shape. Then in a sealed envelope, they will reveal a pre-written note on which shape they would choose. The spectator will always pause and look at you in shock like you're crazy!

Now I would love to reveal the really SIMPLE way of setting this up, but you know I can't reveal it. All I can say about this trick was that it probably took me 10 minutes to set up and you'll be SHOCKED at how simple it is, but how effective the reactions are!


If you are looking to learn mentalism, Master Mentalism is definitely a good place to start. I really enjoyed a lot of the tricks in there because of the fact that they are easy to set up. I'll be honest though, I really didn't attempt the advanced stuff like the hypnosis techniques, but I just wanted to be able to impress my friends with easy-to-do magic whenever I felt like it. If you are a fan of learning and watching mentalist magic, definitely get Master Mentalism, I definitely love the book!

Keep on Dazzlin'

Brad Carter

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